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How to Choose the Right Infrared Heater

If there is a cold spot in your workspace or home, you will need a heater to warm it up. You should note that purchasing the right one is quite important. In this post, the article discusses some of the things you should consider.

Consider Savings

infrared lightYou have to think about how you will save money and minimize heating costs. Ideally, saving on cost is a subject every homeowner is interested in. Many homes have various heating zones for every room. That is more efficient as compared to heating rooms that are not occupied. Also, there are choices available for various rooms that require different types of heat.

You should note that infrared heaters emit infrared light. This light is not visible since it is beyond the spectrum. Ideally, this type of heater heats an object that is in a defined space. Since the skin and clothes absorb infrared light, it is like the difference between being directly on the sunlight as compared to sit in the shade.

Consider Your Needs

It is a good idea to choose an infrared heater that suits your needs. You should note that there are several types of infrared heaters on the market. For instance, you can find some that direct light straight into space or room to create heat on an object. Others contain various parts that create heat. These include heat exchanger and infrared light bulbs.

Method of Powering Infrared Heater

Depending on your applications, infrared heaters use propane gas, electricity, and natural gas. For most homes, the major source of heat is electricity. Those that use electricity as known as stand-alone heaters. The good thing about these heaters is that they can save about 50% of your home heating bills. Thus, they can pay for themselves in a few months. Moreover, they are less expensive as compared to pellet stoves or propane stoves. You can move a stand-alone heater from one place to another.

Select the Right Model Size

Infrared heaters range in model sizes. For instance, they can heat from 300 square feet up to 1200 square feet. Most models have programmable thermostats to start the heater before you get home, and your chairs will be warm and ready for you.

Consider Portable Options

If you want to heat single rooms, you should consider getting portable infrared heaters. You can use them to also heat workshops, cold spots, basements, and workshops. Although they produce a lot of heat, they do not require clearance space around them.…