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What Are the Benefits of Marijuana?

People have used marijuana for many years to treat medical conditions and for its various health benefits. Nevertheless, according to the Food and Drug Administration, marijuana is not effective for treating any medical condition. Further FDA says that cannabidiol, a compound in marijuana, has therapeutic benefits, and even approved it in June 2018 for treating some epilepsy. All the same, some people consider weed as great for relaxation, reducing depression, and other benefits.

Although there is still so much debate around weed, it seems some countries have come to appreciate the usefulness of marijuana and legalized it even for recreational uses. And to make cannabis products available to users, many dispensaries have opened to sell them. For example, you can buy your weed conveniently from the best online dispensary canada.

Below are some of the benefits of weeds:

Pain Relief

Cannabis contains hundreds of chemicals, most of which are known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have been associated with alleviating chronic pain because of their chemical composition. This can explain the reason cannabis’ by-products, for example, medical cannabis is usually used for relieving chronic pain. Moreover, a study in 2011 found that cannabis reduces pain among people with rheumatoid arthritis. It also reduces inflammation and helps to sleep, and these two could help relieve pain and discomfort among arthritis patients.

Depression Treatment

marijuana help to treat depressionMany people worldwide suffer from depression, but the sad thing is that even most people are not aware that they have that mental disorder. Luckily, the endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis could stabilize moods, thus easing depression. A review in the Clinical Psychology Review assessed a ton of scientific literature investigating marijuana use to treat mental illnesses’ symptoms.

It emerged that there was evidence backing the use of marijuana to relieve depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, the researchers caution that marijuana is not appropriate for mental illnesses such as psychosis and bipolar disorder.

Cancer Symptoms Management

a cancer survivorThere is evidence that some of the by-products of cannabis, especially the cannabinoids, can help manage the side-effect of chemotherapy treatment, for instance, vomiting and nausea. A few small studies also gave findings that smoking marijuana could also assist in managing the chemotherapy side effects.

Furthermore, some research on cancer cells proposes that cannabinoids could slow the multiplication of cancer cells or damage some cancer cells. But some early studies that sought to test this hypothesis among humans concluded that cannabinoids do not control or treat cancer, even if the cannabis compounds are a safe treatment.…

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Benefits of Dropshipping Business

While some people are thriving in dropshipping, few are still undecided and on the fence about diving into it. Dropshipping is among the top best online business you can engage in. With the world slowly moving all the shopping needs online, it will boom further in the coming years.

One perfect example of how you can make a good living and business out of dropshipping is Dylan Sigley. He built a successful dropshipping business from scratch to create a seven-figure income all by himself. If you want to learn the trade, you can check out dylan sigley review to see how the dropshipping course can help you build a lucrative business.

Here are some benefits of dropshipping that may help you decide if to pursue the business:

Low Start-Up Cost

low start up capitalMost people see it as a red flag when they are told that it requires little capital to start up. Well, they are right to think that it is impossible to run a business with no capital. With dropshipping, you’ll use capital like any other business. However, it will be minimal compared to some ventures. This is because you do not stock up on any product, you do not need a physical office neither do you need to employ anyone.

The only cost you’ll have to cater for is for marketing and the internet. It is important to note that dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick fix but a business like any other that needs your attention and commitment. It is, however, worth all your effort and time.

Convenient and Flexible Working Hours

dropshipping is flexible in time and locationIf you are tired and done with a rigid 9 to 5 job or the free type who wants to control their time well, dropshipping is for you. With this business, you can dictate your working hours plus your location. Unlike traditional office jobs, dropshipping does not tie you to one place with your mobile device, internet, and reliable wholesalers.

You can run your business on a cruise ship while touring the world.  Besides, you can choose the hours to work diving them between fulfilling customers’ orders and marketing your company. Like any other business, Dropshipping requires discipline, and at the start, you may have to put in some extra hours.

Great Networking Opportunities

Even though dropshipping is an online business, it does not mean you cannot create meaningful relationships. Like any other business, you will brush shoulders with high-level business people when working with wholesalers and consumers. Even if it will be a chance to know and learn more for no other purpose, you may end up getting some crazy referrals and great ideas to grow your business.…