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Different Ways To Consume Cannabis

People are always looking for new ways to consume cannabis. There are plenty of consumption methods and each one has its benefit depending on your reason for using. The following are ways to consume cannabis.


Dabs are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using solvents such as carbon dioxide, ethanol, or butane. It results in a sticky oil called wax, shatters, or budder. There are healthy solvents that can be used and which are not made from chemicals.

Dabbing requires the use of special equipment such as a torch, e-nail, and dab rig. During the process of dabbing, you take a rice grain size of wax concentrate place it on a vaporizer then heat it, the end-user is supposed to inhale the smoke. Dabbing is safer than other methods of consumption if done correctly. It provides a clean, pure, and high dose product that is easy on the lungs.


This is the most common way of smoking cannabis and is widely used. It only requires a bud and rolling papers to make the product. There are a variety of rolling papers such as flavored, hemp, rice, wood pulp. Your experience will depend on the type of paper you use.

The rolling papers should give you a smooth and even burn. The innovation on the trends of paper varies from transparent papers made from plant cellulose to terpene. Terpene rolling papers are the most advanced ones. You might want to use filters but if you don’t have it’s not necessary. Roll the bud in the paper of your choice, secure it, light up and enjoy smoking.


These are foods that hitch contain cannabis. They can be in form of liquid or solid food. There are a variety of cannabis-infused snacks like cookies, ice cream, candies, etc. However, you can use your recipe to make an edible of your choice. Other people opt to use cannabis-infused oils to prepare their food.

The edibles do not require to have THC, as many are used for medicinal purposes. The high of cannabis edibles can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to hit but may last longer. The edibles used for medicinal purposes contain CBD and are used for pain relief, to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Powdered cannabinoids can be added to a dish as an alternative.

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They can be oil-based extracts or alcohol. Sublingual use of cannabis tinctures is required to be placed under the tongue. It has a slower effect than the edibles but a higher effect than smoking. According to some people, sublingual delivers the best results.

If you want to try something new other than smoking and edibles, sublingual is your alternative. It is easily absorbed in the bloodstream and is a long-lasting dose of cannabinoid. Tinctures are good for both medicinal and recreational use. They are good for people who want to experiment with smokeless cannabis consumption.…